Our project us based on thousands of pages of manuscript evidence, all housed in the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh. Much of this information was put online in March 2021 and is available at the ScotlandsPeople website here.

We have built a guide to the presbytery archival material. It links to the ScotlandsPeople service, so you can find the relevant presbytery on a map and go straight to the manuscript sources in a couple clicks. You can access the resource here or use the embedded version below.

Data Structures

Mapping the Scottish Reformation uses Wikidata, an open system for structured data, to manage all of our information on clerical careers.

Watch this video to understand why we use Wikidata. And to find out how we query our data on the Wikidata Query Service, you can watch this brief video.

Other Digital Humanities Projects

The last decade has seen a wide range of Digital Humanities projects relating to the history of Scotland. We hope some of these may be of use to followers of Mapping the Scottish Reformation.

Law in the Aberdeen Council Registers, 1398-1511

People of Medieval Scotland, 1093-1314

Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707

Scottish Court of Session Records, 1757-1834

Singing the Reformation

The Scotland, Scandinavia and Northern European Biographical Database (SSNE)

The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft